Chatting with Curve

I wrote a couple of days ago about why I gave up my Curve Card. It wasnt that there was anything bad about the card, but having had it for a while, I just felt that it didn’t work for me, especially as the Supercard is now back.

A little while after the post was published, I had an email from Alan at Curve. He wanted to get in touch to say hello and to chat “a little more about [my] impression of Curve”. He was very complimentary about the blog, and commented upon the objectiveness of the article, and I was happy to talk further.

We arranged a time, and he called me the next day whilst I was in Jersey on my #7flightstoABZ journey. We had a great chat, which was driven by his desire to understand what I look for in a card like this and how I would use it. It was really good to talk through my decision-making process and to explain the options that I have and how I choose.

Obviously, I made reference to the fact that the loss of support from American Express at present was a dissapointment for some, and that whilst there was a loyalty scheme promised, there were still no details.

Alan was very understanding about these points. He was able to say that there will be progress made on the loyalty scheme in the next month, with further developments later on in the year. He also promised to send me a card when these new features are released, so that I can see how their offering has evolved. I look forward to that and will be reviewing it on here as well as feeding back to Alan.

I am really impressed by their desire to get as much information as possible and to make the product as good as it can be.

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