Why take one flight when you can take seven?!

Ok – I’ll admit it – I AM crazy! I am going to see a friend Scotland tomorrow and instead of taking one flight from London to Edinburgh or Aberdeen, I am taking 7.

My route, over 2 days and including a night in an airport hotel, looks something like this:



Why?! Good question. There are a couple of good reasons (‘good’ is a relative term and I fully realise that some / many / most would not agree!)

This route, and the return, will earn me a total of 440TP and about 13,000 Avios. That should see me to Gold by the end of the year.

The GLA-LSI-ABZ will be on Saab2000 and Saab SF340 propeller planes, which I have not been on before, so they will offer a new experience.

It also gives me an opportunity to try out a route that caught my eye on Flyertalk a while ago. The fare basis, IAPLON, means you can fly from Amsterdam to Aberdeen via the Islands of the north of Scotland. The trick is to book the international leg in Business which forces the domestic legs into the highest fare bucket giving 20TP for each domestic sector. As shown in the ITA Matrix details below, the fare buckets are all showing Business (I) – even though there is no business tickets on domestic flights. The other thing to be aware of is the connection times must be less than 24 hours from the international leg to force the GLA-LSI-ABZ onto BA code shares. You cannot buy LSI-ABZ on BA on its own. It is marketed here as BA4079 operated by Loganair for Flybe. In doing to, it will earn BA Tier points and Avios.


There was some issues in booking it. I was able to price it up on the ITA Matrix, but calling BA resulted in a quote of over £1200. In the end, I was able to use a website called www.bookwithmatrix.com to complete the booking at the expected price. It is as simple as copying and pasting the whole page into the bookwithmatrix website.

IAPLON Book with Matrix

At the bottom there are three options to choose from to price the ticket – not all of them may work so you should try all three.

IAPLON Priceline

For me, http://www.priceline.com was the one which came out trumps, as it does in this example. For this one, at today’s exchange rate, it works out at £421, only £10 more expensive that the ITA quote. The best part is that it came through on my credit card as a BA.com USA transaction so I got 3 Avios per £! I was a little sceptical, but within  a few minutes it was showing in my Executive Club account with the expected Tier Points.


All I had to do now was get to Amsterdam to start. I was very lucky that I was booking not only during a sale but also when they were offering 50% more when using Part-Pay with Avios, so 15,000 Avios was worth £150 instead of the normal £100.I was able to pick up the positioning flights of LGW-JER-LEW and JER-LGW-AMS-LGW-JER in Club Europe, earning 240TP for about the cost of a normal LON-AMS-LON in EuroTraveller earning 20TP.

Over the next week or so I will be reporting on my various flights and experiences during this journey, most likely in the form of:

  • Gatwick to Heathrow (via Jersey and Amserdam)
  • The Sofitel London Heathrow
  • Aberdeen via the Highlands and Islands
  • The return trip
  • Hiring a car at T5 to pop home for the night

So, look out for them and maybe more!

2 thoughts on “Why take one flight when you can take seven?!

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