AmEx referral email

In the olden days, and by that I mean last year, you would wait patiently to see if and when the bonus points for referrals would drop into your American Express account. There was no fanfare and no communication.

I referred someone last week and, as usual hadn’t heard anything. When I saw them this week, my friend told me that they had already got the card; it had taken less than a week from application to having the card which is a great turn around. However, there were no points.

I messaged AmEx just to ask how long they would take – I dont have any upcoming redemptions so am not in any rush, I was just curious. In the time it took for them to reply to say that it can take 8-10 weeks, the points posted.

I also got an email this morning to confirm it:

amex referral

They also reminded me that I can refer 11 more people this year, earning up to 108,000MR Points. If you would like a referral for an AmEx, to do what I discussed here and here, then just get in touch!

This is definitely an improvement in communication from AmEx which is very welcome.

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