Goodbye Barclaycard IHG Visa?

I found out yesterday from my number one source of information, headforpoints, that the Barclaycard IHG Visa that I have has been discontinued.

Apparently, it disappeared from the site at the end of March. If you go there now, there is no mention of the IHG cards at all; just the Hilton Visa.

Hilton Visa

This is a shame as it was my top recommendation for a non-AmEx card. I have certainly been able to extract a lot of value from it over the three years that I have. It has cost me £297 over that time, but I have had at least 7 nights out of it as a result through the free night vouchers and the points accrued, including at the InterContinentals in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

My renewal year on this card is coming up: I think I paid last year’s £99 fee at the beginning of April, so I should know soon enough what it happening. I am hopeful that they will just be updating the card and opening it back up. If not, I would been keen for them to allow people to keep it if they have it. I will not make the mistake of losing out on a legacy card like I did when I had then cancelledd the bmi AmEx many years ago!

Have you been affected by this? What would you like Barclaycard to do?

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