Travel blogging comes to the Highlands

I grew up in Inverness in the 1980s and 90s. It is fair to say that it has had a lot of development in the time since then. Most relevant for me, living in west London, is the LHR-INV link. Perhaps more surprisingly is the announcement that the city will play host to an international travel conference in September.


The Social Travel Summit is being held on 21-22 September 2016.

According to its website, The Social Travel Summit is where the world’s leading online travel influencers and travel industry decision-makers meet to share, learn and develop best practices and collaborative success in travel marketing and publishing.

I can’t help but feel that €499 for the early bird ticket is rather steep, especially as the negotiated rates at the conference hotels run to over £150 per night. Delegates might be better off seeing if they could tie in an IHG Mattress run at the Holiday Inn Express!

There is also the possibility for free places for bloggers: “Bloggers do not need to purchase a conference ticket; Inverness tours on 19th September, entrance to the two conference days including meals and entrance to conference events are covered by STS. If you are a blogger with a proven track record in creating quality content, generating reach and working with the tourism industry (tourism boards and brands) and you’re interested in attending STS, please apply by means of the form below. The closing date for applications is 6th May 2016. All applicants will be notified by 31st May 2016.”

Are you going to go?!

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