GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles’ final leg

We last heard from MummyAirmiles enjoying the Concorde Room at Heathrow before the connection up to Edinburgh.

Our plane for this was an Airbus 321. We were bused to the stand, but it was a lovely sunny day for a trip across the airport.


We had an empty seat beside us; in fact quite a few empty seats on plane – but precious little storage overhead.  How do some folk get away with such large bags?!

We had the usual economy offering. However, the Lemon Melt biscuits were seriously good – made by the Tobermory Bakery.


Efficient disembarking from plane and hooray! Our luggage arrived, all the way from Santiago. It was the last off the plane, but who cares!  

We then had the long drive north to the Highlands, made easier by this sunset going over the Forth Road Bridge, looking across to the new bridge – the span is not yet joined either side.


Safely home, washing machine on and getting to grips with normal life – boring!  Hmm, did I mention Costa Rica or was it West coast America? I need a chat with MisterAirmiles…

So that is it for MummyAirmiles’ trip to South America. Plenty to talk about following a month away. I think that she now has a bit of time at home and a few short trips before our tour of European wide-bodies jets and a trip to New York in the Summer.

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