Half term travel choices 

Half terms tend to be times when we don’t go away as a couple as there is not always enough time, and prices can be high. I often find it a good time to visit my parents north of Inverness.
I can remember the days of a direct INV-LON service on BA, particularly the cooked breakfast on the early flight. I’m sure I did it as a child on a BAe 146. But that is no longer; the closest options are ABZ or EDI which are 2-3hrs away, so alternatives need to be found.
I have tried both the day and sleeper trains. The former is great if you get an advance 1st class ticket, giving you 8hrs of free coffee, snacks and wifi as you wind up through the country. The downside is that a noon departure and an arrive after 8pm means that a whole day is gone. The sleeper gets rid of that problem, but it is expensive. At the time of planning this trip, I was about to spend £150 for a first class one way ticket.
It was only after a chat with my Dad to confirm arrival times and the usual ‘Parental Taxi’ that I was reminded of the MegaBus Sleeper coach. The name says it all; a quick look on the website and I was soon in possession of a ticket from Victoria Coach Station in London to Inverness via Glasgow for £50 which includes a flat bed up to Glasgow and a luxury coach for the final leg.
Now, my friends and family will know, as will regular readers here, that I tend to favour the more luxurious end of the travel spectrum, and so were perplexed as to my decision. I have been really excited, but whilst reading up a bit about it in the days before travel, I am a little worried about some of the rumours about having to share a bunk with strangers. Not having been able to reserve a bunk based on my ticket type, I have a lower berth, some of which are doubles. Could I be in for a close ride? I sincerely hope not, for both our sakes, as I am not a slight man and would feel bad for my fellow traveller. I haven’t been able to get a clear answer, so will just have to find out for myself. Suffice to say, I will report back on how it goes!
The return is less problematic; after visiting family in the north east, I’m flying back home!

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